With our motto, Making STEAM Simple and accessible, EUN has broken it down into four categories. 

Interactive STEAM Workshops

Our interactive STEAM workshops are created to target underrepresented groups in America and worldwide. EUN teaches students how to apply Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to their everyday life. Our goal for these workshops is that students should be able to identify and strengthen their skills and career path in STEAM for the future.

STEM Talks

STEM Talks are motivational speaking events that are used to empower students (primary, secondary, and postsecondary) to continue their development in their STEAM discipline.  

Elyte Boxes

What are the Elyte Boxes? 

Elyte Boxes are subscription-based kits that provide different STEAM activities for kids ages 5-18. These activities include subjects such as chemistry, physics, art, and mathematics. 


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Curriculum Development & Plans

Here at EUN, we are happy to create curriculum plans that will assist in your upcoming STEAM camp or STEAM initiative. 

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