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Meet the Founder


Founder/CEO/Program Leader

  • Set the vision and mission for the company. 

  • Lead with creating and implementing programming for EUN. 

  • Handles day-to-day operations for the company. 

  • Assist with creating curriculum for clients. 

A native of North Philadelphia, in June 2015, Dr. Jalaal Hayes successfully defended his dissertation entitled, “Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of Alkali-Metal Doped Lithium Amide-Magnesium Hydride Hydrogen Storage System” in Applied Chemistry. He was 22 years old. The degree was conferred on December 20, 2015, at Delaware State University winter commencement as he was lauded as “the youngest-ever Doctoral Candidate” in the university’s 132-year history. Since then, he was featured in Disney Junior's Black History commercial, Black Enterprise, AfroPunk, and many more. 

In June 2021, Dr. Hayes released a documentary entitled, "Exploding Dreams: A STEAM Story" which highlights his journey of becoming America's youngest Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry.

Open Positions

If you are interested in being a Facilitator or the Curriculum designer, please send fill out the form. We will connect with you soon and see if you are a great fit!

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